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Innovative nature of the technology

This immunotherapy is based on the discovery by the founding team's members of the tumor antigen ppCT (Preprocalcitonin), a precursor of the hormone calcitonin (CT).

They demonstrated that ppCT, which is expressed or over-expressed in several human lung tumor types, is capable of inducing a specific immune response in many lung cancer patients and constitutes a promising target for cancer immunotherapy approaches.
The ultimate goal is to develop a personalized therapeutic vaccine composed not only of ppCT antigen, but also of neoepitopes from mutated antigens identified in the tumor of each patient, which will be the heart of the ElyssaTech® platform.

This technology differs from all other competing immunotherapy approaches by its mode of action as it will allow destruction of immune escaped tumors and thus its use in multi-resistant patients.

Pathological targeted fields

ElyssaMed® will develop the first therapeutic treatment for clinical use in non-small-cell lung cancer. This product once administered to lung cancer patients, will amplify their specific immune responses against cancer cells expressing the antigen PPCT and lead to their destruction.

The company plans to apply its first candidate drug to other cancers that express or over express PPCT, such as:

  • Small Cell lung cancer,
  • Medullary thyroid cancers,
  • "Orphan diseases",
  • Neuroendocrine tumors.

Historical background

ElyssaMed stems from a discovery made at Gustave Roussy during the study of the remission of a cancer patient who had refused all other forms of medical treatment beside surgery.

Studying the immunological characteristics of this patient's tumor, Dr. Fathia Mami-Chouaib's INSERM U1186 "integrative tumor immunology and genetics oncology " was able to understand and mimic the underlying mechanism of tumor rejection.

This led to the development of ElyssaTech®: a revolutionary new approach to fight cancer.
Gustave Roussy is the first cancer center in Europe and a pioneer in cancer immunotheray in France.


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Gustave Roussy Spin off - ElyssaMed